Special Mission - School Dinners

You had lots to say about your school dinners

We had a brilliant response to our special mission on school dinners. Over 1000 of you took part by filling in an online questionnaire in the spring term of 2014. These are the ways in which you think school dinners could be improved:


You want to choose what you eat, including a wider variety of food and sandwich fillings.

You'd also like to have the opportunity to taste new foods before they go on the school menu.

'Get children's opinion on food so they get something they like to eat' - 10 year old

'I would like it if the cooks were to make more food, ask children what they want and make different dishes instead of the same

thing all the time’ -11 year old

Better food

Some of you were pleased with your dinners but some weren't happy.

'The dinner ladies are really nice and I love the taste of the food’ - 10 year old

'They don't have much vegetarian options' - 11 year old

Bigger portions

A third of you still feel hungry after school dinners. Some of you get seconds if you ask but lots of you don't; many of you think this is unfair.

Bigger portions available for bigger kids and more time given to eat’ - 11 year old

‘The size of the dinners are the same for year 1 to year 6’ - 10 year old

Better dinner times

You hate queuing and you want more time to eat; you told us that being able to sit and talk with friends is extremely important.

'Make the line smaller and mix with people who have packed lunch’ - 8 year old

What will we do with this information?

We will be sending a ‘menu for change’ (a menu of ideas on how schools can make dinner times better based on what you've said) to all schools' catering managers in each area. We will also be sending the menu for change and a letter to every school in Wales in the new year.

Read our report here.