Special Missions

Calling all Super Ambassadors for the last time this year!

Can you help me find out what children and teachers in your school think of my website? How could I make it work better for you?

I will use the information I get from you to make my online presence better for children and young people in Wales.

I’ve put together a survey to ask all of these questions, and it would be great if you could get as many children and teachers as possible to fill it in at your school.

Perhaps you could ask your teachers if each class could have a look at my website and then answer my survey as a lesson? Or maybe you could think of a prize to offer that anyone who has filled in the survey could win?

Click on the link below to get to the survey, and don’t forget to press “submit” at the end, so your answers come straight back to me.

Thanks Ambassadors!

Survey for children

Survey for teachers